Research within the Powell lab is focussed upon the use of numerical modeling and observational data assimilation to study nonlinear ocean circulation and prediction around islands. Experiments should capture the essence of a problem as simply as possible. Experimenters should be a jack of all trades, ready to work on fluid problems, spend time at sea, program computers, and delve into applied mathematics. Ideas within are shared and debated openly with all discourse free of rigid hierarchies.

Associate Professor
Dept. of Oceanography
University of Hawai`i
1000 Pope Rd., MSB
Honolulu, HI 96822

office: MSB 211
voice: 808-956-6724
fax: 808-956-9225

Research Interests

  • Numerical Modeling & Variational Data Assimilation
  • Ocean Prediction & Predictability
  • Circulation & Dynamics around Islands
  • Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Ocean Observing Systems
  • Ocean Dynamics & Stability Analysis

Numerical Simulations